I walked into a room full of people,

People gazing and people talking.

A work of brilliance yet so simple,

Your face I saw, on a wall so silently hanging.

Never during my walks on Chamberlain,

Have I ever seen a face so enrapturing

Never in my lustful endeavours laid,

My sight on someone as desirable as yours.

A timeless longing in your eyes,

A paleness over your face, for having been lost in time.

A glimmering sparkle of hope in those eyes,

A gloominess around you, for immortality is seldom divine

i stand there enamoured by your handsome face,

Forevermore do I wish to hold you close.

People walk ahead, I still stand gazing at your grace,

If only you could see me standing in repose

A longing that I never really felt,

For something so inanimate and unreal.

An indescribable need to whisper into ears,

An unnerving urge to hold your hand

I know not your name, your reality or your past,

If only I could travel back to the place you were last.

I would watch you close, and talk to you,

And tell you all that which never really mattered at all.

The crowd push and move ahead,

I think I saw a tear that you shed.

If only I could be next to you and wipe it clear,

From behind the glass tinted frame that stands here.

But now I wish I wouldn’t travel back to you,

Maybe your reality might not be just as true.

Maybe you would have just been, someone’s fragment of imagination,

Maybe my own symbol of frenzied adoration.

I would just want to stand here, behind these glass tinted frame,

In awe of your unattainable beauty.

An image for my memory, the beauty from across the hall,

For when I have a broken heart, I’ll always have you, my woman on the wall.